Do you need help to go tubeless?

If any of you cargo bike cyclists out there have tubeless-ready tyres and tubeles-ready wheel rims already fitted, I can help take the worry out of getting a puncture whilst cycling your kids to School or getting your groceries, by converting your (inner) tubed tyres to tubeless tyres, which effectively do away with the need to have inner tubes inside your tyres!

The advantage of 'going tubeless' is that when a sharp object punctures your tyre as you are cycling, the latex sealant inside the tubeless tyre seals the small hole that is created in the tyre and does so very quickly, preventing the suddent loss of air pressure associated with a puncture. This is a safer option, as with tubeless tyres you will be able to continue safely on your journey or complete the cycle ride home without even noticing?

Cargo bikes can be very heavy for one person and patching an inner tube (perhaps for the first time) is an acquired skill, that involves many steps and a lot of practice to get right first time every time. Although puncture repair requires relatively simple and inexpensive tools, these are often not carried on short journeys by Cargo Bike owners. 

Carrying out a traditional puncture repair by the side of the road will firstly require the removal of the flat tyre and this is by no means an easy task on a heavy Cargo Bike. 

Also, in terms of personal safety, attempting the job alone can feel overwhelming and may make you and perhaps your small children feel very vunerable?

In my experience, going tubeless takes all that worry away and is a reliable and safe solution to the puncture problem, so I have decided to add this as a fully mobile service to my iLovesMyBike service portfolio.

To make the decision/change, the first step is: How can I tell if my current tyre is tubeless-ready?

Look at the tyre sidewall on both sides for the model/name as tubeless tyres usually have TL, UST, TRS or Tubeless written on the sidewall; Some tires don't (like the Schwalbe 'Pro One'), so if in doubt, simply Google the make and model of your tyre to check if it's a tubeless ready tyre or not, before getting in touch with iLovesMyBike?

This new mobile service is offered to Bristol Cyclists only, in addition to my existing mobile bicycle repair and servicing offers.

Do you have any questions or enquiries, which cannot wait? 

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Please note: For your own safety, tubeless-ready tyres will only be set up by Richard from iLovesMyBike on tubeless-ready wheel rims.

iLovesMyBike reserves the right not to undertake any tubeless-conversion work using outdated 'gorilla' solutions, because for the best and safest results, going tubeless requires both tyres and rims designed specifically for the task.