How my service works

Your 6 step guide to making a booking with iLovesMyBike...

Please familiarise yourself with how my home-collection and return service works, using this step-by-step guide...

If you live in an *eligible postcode in Bristol and your bike needs a service or repair, then iLovesMyBike offers you the convenience of home-collection and return. *BS1, BS2, BS3, BS5, BS6, BS7 or BS8.

Step 1. Please message me on WhatsApp and in your first message, share your name, your postcode, and the brand/model of your bike that needs a service or repair? 

Step 2. I will call you to discuss your needs and requirements. You decide if you want me to arrange a home-collection, or if you'd prefer to drop-off your bike at iLovesMyBike HQ in Cotham, Bristol BS6 (both only by appointment)

Step 3. For home-collection, I will then send you an invoice for £20 to cover my costs for that convenience. Once you’ve paid the collection fee, I will be in touch again to confirm the collection address, day and time.

On the day and time we have agreed, I will collect your bike from your home address. Any subsequent work will be carried out at iLovesMyBike HQ.

Step 4. Before your service period begins, if you require a written estimate to help you budget for the cost of labour and new parts that need to be fitted during your service period, I offer a Prologue Health Check - a pre-service, which I recommend for new customers.

No work will be undertaken on your bike, unless you formally accept my estimate, whether given verbally or written and sent by Whatsapp or email.

Step 5. When you have agreed for the work to go ahead, if your bike requires no new component parts, I can usually complete the service and return your bike (by appointment) on the following day. 

However, if new parts need to be fitted during your bike's service period, these will have to be researched for price and availability from suppliers and pre-ordered, so I will need to pre-invoice you for these parts only, before your service period can begin. When the parts arrive, I will then complete your bike service to the agreed service level and fit the parts.

Note: If, during your service period, something unexpected occurs and the cost of work is likely to exceed any agreed estimate, I will contact you to confirm you are happy to proceed with the work.

Step 6. Once your bike service is complete, I will send you a final invoice and offer you the option of collecting the bike yourself or arranging to return it to your home, both by appointment. 

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If you connect with me through WhatsApp, we can more easily exchange information about your bike service, during the service period. If you don't already use this App, please contact me using the details below.