New groupset fitting

When the time comes to upgrade your bike's components, I will do the job with the meticulous attention to detail you can always expect from iLovesMyBike...

My new groupset fitting service should be budgeted to cost between *£150-200, with time charged at Rate 'A'. 

This cost will cover the removal of your old group set and control cables and the careful preparation and **cleaning of your bicycle frame and handlebars - to be ready to receive and fit your new component parts, torqued to the manufacturer's specfications.

A new freehub and bottom bracket can also be fitted at an additional cost, based upon elapsed time, which will also be charged at Rate 'A' - currently still £30.00/hr.

*If your group set has hydraulic brakes, Di2 wiring or complex internal control cable routing, then an additional contingency budget must be allowed for, which will be capped at £100.00 per bike.

** Cleaning can range from a bike wash to partial restoration of the frame colour coating with Simoniz 'T-Cut original' - depending on the decals/ finish and and materials used in your frame set.