Dr Bike

Your Dr Bike event is in safe hands with iLovesMyBike

If you are a small or large business, a school or a community group events organiser, sponsoring a Dr Bike event is a great way to show your organisation's committment to healthy lifestyles, sustainable transport choices and safer cycling. 

I can help the Dr Bike sponsor plan their event and can deliver it for a maximum of 8 participants over a 4 hour period, with each participant pre-booking 30min time slots. 

For helping you plan and deliver a Dr Bike event, I typically charge the event sponsor £200.00 for a minimum 4 hour session with 8 participants.

For participants, a Dr Bike event is essentially a free cycle surgery, offering half hour 'safety check' slots for each bike presented. iLovesMyBike will give the bike an M-check and a tune-up, including adjustments to the brakes and gears. 

A Dr Bike 'prescription' will detail what has been done mechanically and will itemise any new parts needed and further workshop time recommended after the event, which the participant can follow up at their own cost. 

Dr Bike events can take place in a range of locations around the City, if your business, school or workplace would like to host a session, please get in touch to discuss your event.